The Argonauts Soul Searching Adventure



Supplies tips and tricks

  • Debit Card (Mastercard)
  • Credit Card (Visa). Important tip: You will need both Mastercard and Visa. Some machines will only take one or another. American Express was the least useful. Rarely, I would buy traveler's checks, but these are usually even harder to use, but are handy when the power goes out, or when the banks or governments collapse.
  • Local currency. A few weeks supply.
  • Stable foreign currency such as American dollars or Euros (kept hidden in handlebar bag)
  • Bribe money (in small wallet) Important tip: Always keep your money in more than one place.
  • Emergency stash of dollars hidden in clever places. Occasionally if I felt threatened I would hide some valuables at night.
  • Waterproof document holder
  • Money belt
  • Address book. Important tip: Keep duplicate records of all your documents: passport, credit cards, emergency numbers, etc. Give them to your travel partner, or store them on the internet in a secure encrypted location.

Expenses — how much does cycling around the world cost?

Below is an itemized expense list of my world trip from 2001-2005. This is just meant as a guide to help plan your next trip.

(Afterword: I have some friends who rented their condo in San Francisco and traveled the world for 18 months. When they returned they had made a profit, which goes to show how cheap travel is in the Second and Third World. They stayed in hotels everywhere, since I camped in the bush wherever I wanted, I traveled even more cheaply. Sometimes I only a spent one or two dollars a day on food; other times when my gear broke down or I needed a hotel my expenses were over 100 dollars per day. All in all, I managed my money so well I was able to stay on the road for nearly four years for nearly the price of our three year estimate below.)

Click here to read more about Dennis' estimate.

Daily expenses: meals, lodging, bike repairs, etc.
Industialized World (North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand) -- $30 per day x 230 days = $6900 USD
Developing World (Argentina, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Turkey, etc.) -- $20 per day x 230days = $4600 USD
Third World (India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Central America, etc.) -- $10 per day X 460 days = $4600 USD

Total Daily Expenses = $16,100 USD

Bike Panniers and Racks = $2100 USD
Cycling Gear = $300 USD
Spare Parts and Tools = $200 USD
Camping Equipment = $750 USD
Camera Equipment = $600 USD
Misc. Clothing & Gear = $500 USD

Total Equipment Expenses = $4450 USD

Healthcare Cost
Catastrophic Health Insurance ( for three years ) = $1500 USD
Preventative innoculations = $1000 USD
Incidental healthcare exspenses = included in daily exspenses

Total Healthcare Expenses = $2500USD

Transportation Expenses
Airline & long distance bus and train service = $6000 USD
Local transportation cost = included in daily expenses

Total Transportation Costs = $6000 USD

Communication Expenses
Internet (email, travel planning) = $2 USD per week
Internet website (domain and server) = $134 USD per year
Film, memory and burning CDs = $5 USD per week
Phone calls (friends, family, travel agents) = $1 USD per week

Total Communication = $1450 USD

Total Cost = $30050 USD

Average Cost Per Day = $20 USD